Building Fund

The Building Fund was established to provide for the financing of needed capital projects of the Church, such as the construction and renovation of facilities, purchase and replacement of equipment, and major repairs.

Funding is provided by donations, including proceeds of capital campaigns such as Old West/New West and the Crossing 4th Campaigns, the annual operating budget, assets designated by the Finance Committee and approved by the Church, and investment earnings.

Over the years, the Church has demonstrated responsible stewardship in the application of Building Fund resources. The following projects illustrate the progress made in recent years:

•    Sanctuary renovations
•    Webb Hall renovation and elevator
•    Construction of Unity Hall
•    Campus-wide window replacement
•    Heating and air conditioning system replacements (West Hall, sanctuary and Webb Hall)
•    West Hall renovation
•    Guthrie Courtyard
•    4th Street Crossing

Please fill out the form below to designate your current or recurring gifts supporting the Ministry Plan or contact Kathy Rohmfeld, Director of Financial Services, at 210.226.0363.