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It’s one of the ways that First Baptist Church of San Antonio gathers around the scriptures in order to grow with one another in faith and friendship. As part of the overall design for Bible Study at FBCSA, these small groups meet each week to discuss the {Re:Verse} passage. Participants help each other consider how to live the way the Bible teaches us to live.


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FBCSA includes in its ministry to the community a five-fold approach to the study of Scripture

1. Recommended daily scripture reading for each week (Re: Verse)

2. Daily reflection on the Re: Verse scripture through the Pastor's Blog (

3. Discussion of the same Scripture passage in Sunday Bible classes

4. Pastor's sermon based on the same Scriptural text

5. Application of the same Scripture discussed during weekly small group sessions
    (The fifth step in this process is the essence of the Circles of Six Program)


Want more info on Circles of Six?

Contact Morgan Little if you have any questions.