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February 28 • Resources
Preschool & Elementary

First Kids

Here’s how to get involved with First Kids!

First Kids is continuing to provide Preschool Kids' Activities for birth through 4 year olds during the 8:30am and 11:00am in-person worship services. 

Sunday morning Bible studies for elementary kids at the 9:30am hour will continue to be on ZOOM.  See below for more information.  Any questions, please contact Jimmy Gunn by email.

At this time, registration for Preschool Kids' activities is required for each Sunday.

Registration for Sunday, March 7 is now open.  The form will be available until Friday at noon or until we reach room limits.

Register Here!

 Please click this link for FIRST KIDS PHASE 4 REOPENING GUIDELINES to find out more information about what the time will look like for you and your kiddos. This will also help you get your child prepared for what they can expect at the church on Sundays for right now.

If you have questions, contact Jimmy Gunn.

First Kids Elementary Zoom Bible Study
Join us at 9:30 am on Sundays for our First Kids Elementary Zoom Bible Study. Kids will join Pastor Jimmy in a gathered welcome with an intro and video for the day, then split into breakout classes with their new Sunday morning Bible Study leaders! We are excited for this new way of doing Bible Study for First Kids and our leaders are ecstatic to jump back in with the kids!

You may contact Keesha by email (click here) for the login info.

First Kids Bible Study@Home
Every week, we will post preschool and elementary lesson plans, videos, worship videos, and “Questions for Kids” videos to help you learn and lead at home. Use these videos however you like and whenever you like throughout the week to help your kids dive into God’s Word through the Gospel Project.
Here are some tips to try:

  • Open and close each “church” time in prayer each week.
  • Create a consistent time each week where you can go through the Bible Story videos at home and play the worship videos at that time, too. This may help make it feel more like “church time”.
  • Do the Bible Story video on one day, and then read the story out of the Bible on subsequent days.
  • Play worship videos throughout the week. Try learning some of the motions that go along with them!
  • Have fun and don’t stress this time too much! If you only get one video in, then that is better than nothing.
  • Email us prayer requests (kids and parents alike!) at We are here for you and would love to pray specifically for you during this time.

To get started, click on an age group below for age-related videos.