Sunday Night
Summer Bible Studies
June 9 - July 28 • 4:15PM


Sunday Night
Summer Bible Studies 


Dates: June 9 - July 28
Time: 4:15PM
Locations: Kokernot 3rd Floor

Don't think summer BREAK this summer, think summer SCHOOL. 
We are offering a handful of classes that will keep you thinking over for the summer.

Culture Shock by Chip Ingram

If there ever was a time for Christians to understand and communicate God’s truth about controversial and polarizing issues, it is now. More than ever before, believers must develop convictions based on research, reason, and biblical truth. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s equally important that you’re able (and willing) to communicate these convictions with a love and respect that reflects God’s own heart.

This series will help you learn how to respond with love, even in the face of controversy. In the process, you’ll discover the power of bringing light – not heat – to the core issues at the heart of society today.

Cost $8.

Fire on the Mountain by Ray Vander Laan

When the Israelites left Egypt, they were finally free. Free from persecution, free from oppression, and free to worship their own God. But with that freedom comes a new challenge - learning how to live together the way God intends. In this ninth volume of Faith Lessons, discover how God teaches the Israelites what it means to be part of a community that loves him and the lessons we can begin to live out in our lives today. This study will compliment our summer study on the 10 commandments.

Cost: $8.00

Follow Me by Randy Sprinkle

God is calling believers out of church buildings and prayer closets to intercede in their neighborhoods, cities and all over the world. This phenomenon of praying on-site as God, by His Spirit, gives insight is known as prayerwalking. Prayerwalking helps the believer experience prayer as a way of following Jesus as He is at work around us.
This six-week Bible study is a tool that will transform a willing believer into an effective prayerwalker. It prepares the reader for on-site praying, local and global ministry and spiritual warfare and shows how prayerwalking can have a powerful effect on local evangelism, community ministry, spiritual warfare and worldwide mission work. Designed for individual and group study.

Cost: $12

GPS Life Journey

Where Are We Going?
The basic goal of the GPS Life Journey is to help you discover your God-given purpose for the next stage of your life and engage in fulfilling that purpose.
The GPS Life Journey consists of eight sessions …

Discovering My Personality

Discovering My Strengths, and Experiences

Discovering My Spiritual Gifts, and Passions

Discovering How to Get Direction from God

Developing My Personal Mission Statement

Developing My Personal Vision and Values

Developing Margins in My Life (Time, Financial, and Spiritual)

Developing My Personal Goals and Venues


Cost: $20 workbook plus $9.95 to take a third party on-line strengths assessment

The Power of God’s Names
by Tony Evans

To fully grasp the significance and power of knowing God’s names, you first need to understand the context of names within biblical cultures. In Old Testament times a name was more than simply nomenclature. It was, rather, a replica and revelation of the individual or thing itself. The study examines 11 names of God.

Cost: $14

What are you afraid of?
by David Jeremiah

Why Face Fears Alone?

Conquer your fears—and help others defeat theirs—with the What Are You Afraid Of? Bible Study.

Get together with your church, small group, or even just a friend, to watch the video teaching from Dr. Jeremiah. When you combine the content in the videos, the group discussion it will inspire, and the individual study found in the Member Book, you will be well on your way to overcoming the following:

Defeat: The Fear of Failure

Depression: The Fear of Mental Breakdown

Disconnection: The Fear of Being Alone

Disease: The Fear of Serious Illness

Death: The Fear of Dying

Deity: The Fear of God

Cost: $13


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