Heart 2 Heart
Support & Recovery Groups
Begin in September

Heart 2 Heart

Heart 2 Heart is a ministry of San Antonio’s First Baptist Church and was founded on two simple principles:

  1. We all experience brokenness sometime in our life; and
  2. There is healing in God’s Word.

Though we are a ministry of First Baptist Church, our support/recovery groups do not exist to recruit people to join any particular church, nor to create an environment where church membership matters at all.

Rather, our leadership is focused entirely on your healing and your finding answers to the very practical questions you may be asking about your circumstances.

Our leadership team is comprised of church leaders who have all been through their own painful circumstances, who understand the role which Spiritual answers play in your surviving your circumstances, and who are specifically trained to lead a support group or recovery group for your pain. The one primary characteristic which all of our leaders share is our love and compassion for people who are hurting. After all, we’ve been where you are now. We know what it means to need someone to love you through these painful circumstances.

Fall 2020 Session
Support Groups
Begin in September

Men's Freedom Group
(meets year round on Tuesdays)
We are a Christ-centered, 12 step self-help group providing a safe and confidential setting (apart from other H2H groups) for men recovering from sexual addiction.  Our goal is to provide you with the support of fellow recovery travelers with once weekly meetings year-round.  Through the 12 steps we will provide the following for your success over sexual addiction:

·       Videos by Dr. Weiss
·       Exercises and other materials
·       Group accountability
·       Weekly contact phone group

Join us as we seek God’s will in our recovery!

Journey to Restoration
(begins Tuesday, September 22)
This caring ministry creates a safe space for those who during childhood were abused, sexually, physically, emotionally, verbally or by neglect.

Considering Forgiveness
(begins in September)

Does forgiveness mean excusing harmful behavior? Is forgiveness necessary? Explore these difficult questions in a group that won't insult your dignity by minimizing or downplaying the hurt you have known.

Divorce Care
(begins in September)

Will anyone accept you after divorce? This group will. Take steps toward courage and wholeness with those who know how deeply divorce can cut.

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