Mid-week in the City

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Single adults gather to seek the mind of Christ on important questions of our day. Through conversations with teachers and thinkers, we build friendships and live in closer fellowship with one another as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mid-Week In The City

Wednesday, January 17

Topic: Ask Bryan Whatever

It’s time again for unscripted, no-subject-off-limits conversation.  Historically, there’s been no better place than the church to ask tough questions.  Let’s make it so again.  Sometimes we’ll find some answers, sometimes we’ll have to leave it at “I don’t know”, but we’ll always have some good conversation.  If you’ve been wondering about something but never asked, join us this Wednesday at Mid-Week In the City, and bring your questions.  Or you can email them ahead of time to bryan@fbcsa.or, or taylor@fbcsa.org.  If we seek we will find.

For more details and a full list of events, check the FBCSA Single Adults group on Facebook.

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