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Single adults gather to seek the mind of Christ on important questions of our day. Through conversations with teachers and thinkers, we build friendships and live in closer fellowship with one another as disciples of Jesus Christ.

This Week

Wednesday, August 23
Guest: Jeff Gatlin
Topic: "Do Bad Moods Mean You’re Failing at Christianity?"

“Angels singing, joy bells ringing inside my head.”  These lyrics from a late ‘70’s gospel song claim to describe the Christian life.  What about lyrics for Christians who get sad: “angels crying, voices sighing”?  Or angry: “my voice raging, me rampaging”?  We don’t want to behave in an un-Christlike manner, but we do want to be honest about life.  Join counselor Jeff Gatlin and the rest of the Mid-Week In the City crew this Wednesday for a conversation about living real instead of living ideal.

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