Single Adults Gathering
Wednesday, April 1
Mid-Week Worship!

Mid-Week in the City
Ask Questions. Think New. Fear Not.

Wednesdays Evenings
7:00 PM

Wednesday, April 1
How Can Faith and Medical Science Address COVID-19 Together?
Mid-Week In the City and Logos are joining forces for a series of special Wednesday night events on both FBCSA Livestream and Facebook Live. At 7:00 worship begins with the Logos Band, followed by an interview with a single adult guest on faith in these days of quarantine. First up is physician Hope Hubbard talking with us about faith and medicine in an uncertain world. Join us for music and conversation. Afterwards, gather with single adults on Zoom for more friendship and fellowship.

7:00 pm • Wolfson House
(Blue House facing Broadway at the Intersection of McCullough Ave. and Broadway Ave.)


The universe is a mysterious place. And we’ve all got plenty of questions about it. The reason we host Mid-Week In the City is to provide a safe place to ask those questions. Questions lead to conversation. And conversation is one of the ways we begin to seek out what’s true and what’s not. Each week, we explore the big questions of our day, gathering around tables to eat together and to talk about fear, hope, pain, spirituality, suffering, joy, the future, and much more. We invite you to join us.

Mid-Week In the City
Life’s Hard…Better Ask Some Questions

For more details and a full list of events, check the FBCSA Single Adults group on Facebook.