Next 5

Succession Plan Summary:

In 2015, Don Guthrie and the Next 5 committee (a subcommittee of the Personnel Committee at First Baptist Church, San Antonio (FBCSA), Texas) began the process of prayerfully considering a deliberate succession plan to formulate the “best way and best time to identify the next directional leader” of FBCSA. As this process progressed, Don (and the Personnel Committee) began presenting the proposal to small groups in the church, progressively to larger groups, culminating in presentations to the church body at-large though church conferences.

The succession plan is a multi-year process to search for and call the next senior pastor for FBCSA. Don intends to retire in June 2019 (target date) and this plan gives FBCSA time to intentionally and prayerfully prepare for and call the new senior pastor, and give him and Don the opportunity to have 1 to 2 years of overlapping ministry.

On January 24, 2016 the Personnel Committee presented the senior pastor succession proposal in a church conference. On February 28, 2016 the congregation voted in church conference to approve the senior pastor succession proposal by a vote of 253-9 (96.6% affirmation). Following the church vote, the committee on committees formally began its work to form a Senior Pastor Search Team with input from the congregation.

On July 24, 2016 the Committee on Committees presented the proposed Senior Pastor Search Team in a church conference, which the congregation unanimously approved. Over the coming months, the search team will update the church on its progress. Click here for the latest Pastor Search Team update.

As the team begins its work, its members covet the church’s prayers and support to lead them to the man God is already preparing to join FBCSA.

For any questions/comments, please click here to email the search team.

Proposed Timeline

2016 – FBCSA begins the search for the new senior pastor.

2017 – The new senior pastor joins the staff and serves as co-pastor with Don who continues leading the staff and calendar; they will share pulpit duties.

2018 – The co-pastor assumes the lead for the staff and calendar and continues to share pulpit duties with Don. Don is still involved but in more of a support role.

2019 – The co-pastor becomes the senior pastor. Don retires and remains at FBCSA in a new role.

Pastor Don's Announcement

“In an all-congregational meeting Feb. 28, the church approved a recommendation from the Personnel Committee to begin a multi-year succession plan to search for and call the next Senior Pastor of FBCSA.
In June 2019 (target date), Don intends to retire as Senior Pastor of FBCSA.

Beginning this deliberate process now (3-1/2 years in advance) gives us time to intentionally and prayerfully prepare while providing the new Senior Pastor and Don the opportunity to have 1-2 years of overlapping ministry. It also focuses on answering the question, “What is the best way and best time to identify the next directional leader of First Baptist Church?” This process will establish a church-selected senior pastor search committee, call a new senior pastor to serve alongside Don for a period of time as a co-pastor, and build mutual trust between the new senior pastor, the church and the city.

Most importantly, this deliberate process will enable First Baptist Church, San Antonio to continue moving forward as God leads.”