Prayer & Fasting
Sunup to Sundown

Sunup to Sundown

All through Scripture, God’s people have fasted and prayed…Moses, Elijah, Esther, Nehemiah, Daniel and Paul. Jesus’ first action in His public ministry was to pray and fast for 40 days in the desert. Jesus also taught His disciples to pray and fast (Matthew 6:16-18).

Why is fasting important? First, it demonstrates humility before our sovereign God.  2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that God rewards His people who humble themselves before Him. Second, fasting often involves repentance from sin. The passage in 2 Chronicles ties humility and repentance together as a requirement for God’s blessing. Another reason to fast is to demonstrate our love for God, in response to His love for us. When we set aside a meal or other activity to spend more time with God, we live out Jeremiah 29:13 by seeking God.

Seeking to know God’s will and direction is another reason to fast. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, God’s people would fast and pray to determine what God would have them do. Petitioning God for something like lifting a pestilence is another reason to pray. We do not always get our petitions, but in the process we may learn God’s will and direction.

Pastor Chris has called our church to pray and fast this Wednesday. The fast would be from sunup to sundown, with a drive-in prayer service at 6:30 pm. The drive-in service would be for an hour until the fast is ended. The target of our prayers are for the healing of our nation, both physically and spiritually. Texas and San Antonio would also be a specific target. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our country was healed in such a way that all of us, believers and nonbelievers alike, looked up to heaven and declared that our healing must have been from God!

Chris Johnson“I long for the day when we rejoice together in unity saying, ‘Surely that was the Spirit of God!’, and I feel like we need to pray together in this way.”

Here is what Wednesday would look like: 
1) If you have medical needs or medications that prevent you from fasting (i.e. – diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), please use discretion and wisdom.
2) Drink only water.  If you are hungry beyond focus, eat some bread or tortilla. 
3) Remember that the goal is not to go without food, the goal is to focus on and seek God first! 
4) Throughout the day Tuesday, you will receive prayer prompts from the ministers in your areas of ministry at FBCSA. 
5) Join the church family at the Yellow parking lot on McCullough Ave. at 6:30 pm.  Stay in your car, tune into 89.3 FM and instructions will be given.

We would love to hear your prayers during this time. For safety reasons, we ask that you record your prayers using your phone’s voice recording feature and email the recording to our media department, CLICK HERE. Please try to keep them under 2 minutes when possible.

This will be another one of “those moments” we will remember during “this time.”


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