Winter Sermon Series
The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew

The word “miracle” has been used extensively in our culture from movie names to song names to product names and more. The use of the word “miracle” seems commonplace today. But as we study the miracles of Jesus, we need to understand what a miracle really is. One definition of miracle is: “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.” The miracles of Jesus are unquestionable displays of God’s divine intervention.

Do you need a miracle today? A miracle doesn’t have to be Jesus walking on water or healing a leper. A miracle is when Jesus shows up and touches a person in need. When God forgives a sinner and accepts that person into his family, it requires a miracle. Salvation is the greatest miracle of all.

Matthew 19:26 says, “But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

Lessons Title Verse
Lesson 1 (12/1) Overcoming Temptation Matthew 4:1-11
Lesson 2 (12/8) A Leper and the Touch of Jesus

Matthew 8:1-4

Lesson 3 (12/15) Christ the Healer Matthew 8:14-17
Lesson 4 (12/22) The Perfect Storm
(Christmas Lesson: Matthew 1:18-25)
Matthew 8:23-27
Lesson 5 (12/29) Power Over Death Matthew 9:18-19; 23-26
Lesson 6 (1/5) A Desperate Touch of Faith Matthew 9:20-22
Lesson 7 (1/12) A Sabbath Miracle Matthew 12:9-13
Lesson 8 (1/19) The Miraculous Feeding Matthew 14:14-21
Lesson 9 (1/26) Get Out Of The Boat! Matthew 14:22-33
Lesson 10 (2/2) From Desperation to Faith Matthew 15:21-28
Lesson 11 (2/9) Mission Impossible? Matthew 17:14-21
Lesson 12 (2/16)  The Great Dilemma Matthew 17:24-27
Lesson 13 (2/23) The Master's Touch Matthew 20:29-34