"Grace & Truth"
A Study of the Gospel of John

Which do you prefer, grace or truth? Perhaps your answer depends on whether you are the dispenser or the recipient. We usually don’t mind dispensing truth, especially difficult truth, but we may not be as eager to receive it. On the other hand, most everyone enjoys receiving grace (unmerited favor from others), though we might find it hard to extend such consideration to our neighbors, coworkers, friends, or family.

The Apostle John tells us in his Gospel that Jesus was “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). Jesus was the perfect embodiment of these two attributes. He always spoke the truth (about himself, his mission, and our needs), and he always demonstrated grace as he served others and eventually sacrificed his life to redeem us. The Gospel of John is full of stories which illustrate Jesus’ grace and truth—from his conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well (John 4) to his modeling of servanthood in John 13.

How will you respond to Jesus’ grace and truth?

Lessons Title Verse
Lesson 1 (12/2) The Word Become Flesh John 1:1-18
Lesson 2 (12/9) Glory and Judgment

John 2:1–22

Lesson 3 (12/16) The Source of Eternal Life John 3:1-21
Lesson 4 (12/23) Crossing Barriers with Grace and Truth John 4:4–30, 39–42 49
Lesson 5 (12/30) Do You Want to Get Well? John 5:1–24
Lesson 6 (1/6) A Hard Teaching John 6:52–69
Lesson 7 (1/3) Physical and Spiritual Blindness John 9:1–7, 13–41
Lesson 8 (1/20) Committed to the Task John 12:20–37, 42–50
Lesson 9 (1/27) Follow Jesus’ Example John 13:1–17
Lesson 10 (2/3) The Coming Counselor John 14:15–31
Lesson 11 (2/10) It is Finished John 19:1–30
Lesson 12 (2/17) I Have Seen the Lord! John 20:1–21
Lesson 13 (2/24) A Remarkable Catch and a Gracious Restoration John 21