Thursday in the City
How's Your Emotional Health?
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Thursday in the City
Better Questions for Better Living




Thursday in the City
How's Your Emotional Health

When’s the last time your heart felt less than heavy? How long have you been trying to cheer up a family member? Where did your child’s beautiful personality go? Who around you would understand if you revealed the extent of the fear you keep hidden? Why don’t all those religious teachings you’ve learned stop the thoughts of self-harm you feel? Most of us are either asking these questions first-hand right now, or we’re very close to someone who is. FBCSA will spend four weeks in April thinking through these issues and exploring how the church can suffer with, live with, and discover courage with one another as we face mental health challenges in ourselves and our loved ones. This is an in-person event where each week, you’ll have the opportunity to hear and interact with compassionate practitioners who will point us towards understanding and support in this ever-present struggle for wholeness.

April 8, 15, 22, 29 • 7:00 p.m.
4th Street Crossing
(Free Parking in the Orange Lot)
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Thursday in the City

The world’s troubles won’t solve themselves. It’s going to take our full attention on Jesus so we can learn from him how to imagine what is possible with God’s help. One way to pay attention is to face our uncertainties about the universe. That’s the purpose of Thursday In the City. Week by week, we talk to interesting guests who help us ask honest questions about big issues. Jesus told us to ask, seek, and knock, And then Jesus promised that when we do, we will find what we need to find.


Thursday, April 8
COVID-Exhaustion and Well Being

Thursday, April 15
Understanding Mental Health Challenges

Thursday, April 22
Faith, Medication, and Therapy


Thursday, April 28
Therapy, Faith, Medication, and Mental Health